Thursday, April 28, 2011

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

But this is so much better than chicken dinner. Does it taste like chicken? No. It tastes like the BEST MOST EPIC GIVEAWAY EVER. EVER. And I want to be the winner. I might even get Robin to cook me some chicken.

That's right peeps. Mandi from Vintage Revivals could come HERE and help give my house a makeover. Talk about exciting.

Our cute little house.

Our Turf. For which my blog was named.
Oh, and Bella.

So my dearest Mandi, This is the room that I want to makeover.

Our future living Room AKA Mandi's project!

There are 4 big pieces of furniture in this one little corner...

You might be thinking to yourself, "Self, why does this woman's bedroom look like a thrift store?" Well until our bedroom gets moved upstairs, none of this furniture has a home. Some might see it as crap, but I know that if you are a fan of Vintage Revivals, you will fully appreciate all of its' potential!

You also might be confused because it looks like a bedroom. Well, it's about to become my living room.  For lack of funds to renovate the upstairs, our bedroom took up residence in the living room. This pushed our living room into the entry/what we think should be a dining room. Don't ask, this house is weird. That's what you get when your home was built in 1882:)

Upstairs in progress! Hooray! 

On to all of the crap  treasures that I can't wait to redo/use in this makeover!

Can you say gorgeous!?!
Thrift store- $20

My mirror collection just itching to throw itself on a wall.

This sweet trunk! 
Goodwill- $10

My copy-cat-ed-Mandi's-credenza credenza
See the post HERE.
It's being under-utilized and stuffed behind other furniture.

These absolutely amazingly vintage chairs! I also have the table in storage.

This makeshift bookshelf I painted.

Great pair of chairs just begging to be painted and reupholstered. 
The Bee (Thriftstore)--$10/each

This desk. I love the detail on the top (part of it's covered, but you can see the twisty's on the right)
Thrift store--$20
I'm planning on sticking this in my craft corner. What? Did I say craft corner?! I never thought the day would come!!

The following are pictures of our current living room, just so you can get an idea of some of the things we have to work with. 

See the brown throw pillow on the right? This is what it's hiding...

That's a patch the size of Colorado. Hole under it courtesy of Bella. 
She has since grown out of that phase.

Reasons Mandi would love coming to see me:
  • Buena Vista, CO is beautiful.  What an amazing destination!
No, this is not from a magazine...I snapped this baby.

  • I do hair. Mandi, I will hook you up!
  • I need some major motivation! My house could be uber awesome with your help!!!
  • I have some TO DIE FOR CRAP that could be fantastic
  • I don't have any super cute kids to bribe you with like some of the contestants, but I am an aspiring mother. So this is what our future baby might look like...
"Pick my future mom!"
Wow. Kinda scary...but truly not as bad as I thought it'd be. Do you see the facial hair on my husband? 

I guess maybe it would have been better to just give you the puppy eyes...
Bella says "vote!"

So what is your job is in this whole shebang? voting! Polls open Sunday, May 1st. Click on the Epic Givaway button above, find my link (#86, which coincidentally means trash) and there will be a star below it for you to cast your vote. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Voting Instructions!

1. Click on this big yellow button below.

2. Scroll down to the end of the page (you will see a bunch of thumbnail pics--those are entries) and find my link. I'm #86 Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

3. Click on the [*vote] symbol below my link! It's that easy! 

You will know your vote has been counted when the page refreshes.


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    1. Rachelle!
      We are officially Bffs. I LOVED your post. You have awesome junk and your future kid is not creepy like most. Now I am off to do that and see if it really looks like one of my girls...Thanks so much for entering and I will hopefully see you soon!!

      Love your guts